What to Expect at the Western States Conference

Attire - Dress for the conference is business casual however presenters should plan for business attire during their presentations. The weather in San Diego during May is usually sunny however breezes and showers often happen. Bring layers for both inside and outside.

Attendance - Thousands of hours of work go into preparation for the presentations at Western States. Residents are expected to support their fellow attendees by attending presentations throughout the day in addition to their mandated reviewing assignments.

Conduct - Attendees at the Western States Conference are expected to maintain professional conduct at all time. View the Western States Conference Attendee Code of Conduct

Evaluations - Each attendee will complete an evaluation for each presentation they attend. View a sample evaluation.

Meeting Rooms - The 20 rooms used for presentations at Western States vary in size and shape however each room will have a screen, projector, podium and laptop (with slide advancer). 

Name Badges - Name badges must be worn at all times and attendees will be asked by conference staff to retrieve their name badges if they forget. Replacement badges may incur a fee of up to $100.

Networking - One of the prime benefits of the Western States Conference is networking with other pharmacists and partners. There are a myriad of locations throughout the Conference Center to engage in discussion and debate.

Presentation Length - Each presentation is 20 minutes including Q & A.

Punctuality - Presentations begin promptly at the top and bottom of the hour. Please do respect the presentations in progress by not entering a meeting room once the presentation has begun.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is housing provided in the cost of my registration? 
    No, it is not. However, the Western States Conference has negotiated special room rates the the host hotel. Paradise Point, specifically for conference attendees. Our room rate of $159 (plus applicable taxes) will be available to all conference attendees once registration opens (December 1). 


  • Are meals included in the cost of my registration?
    Some meals (lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday) will be provided to attendees. 
  • Can I request special meals?
    Yes, we are able to accommodate a range of dietary needs. If you have special requests, please indicate them when you register. 
  • I will not be eating at the conference, can you deduct the meals from my registration?
  • Where can I get coffee in the morning?
    Coffee is available for purchase in the morning in the lobby of the Conference Center and throughout the day in several locations at Paradise Point.
  • Restaurants at Paradise Point 


  • Is there a shuttle between the airport and Paradise Point?
    Yes. We recommend one of the following websites:
    Viator. com

  • What is the cost of parking at Paradise Point?
    The Western States Conference Board has negotiated a rate of $16 overnight parking per car, per night (normally $32). 


  • I would like to request a specific day or time to present. Is that possible?
    Unfortunately, presentations are scheduled by topic and institution, so we are unable to alter day or time.
  • Can I submit/present more than one abstract/topic?
    WSC does not have space for more than one presentation per resident/fellow.
  • Can I update my abstract (after the deadline) prior to the Conference?
    No, abstracts are final upon acceptance by the Western States Conference. If edits are required on your abstract, you will be contacted.


  • When can I practice my presentation?
    With the conversion to all LCD technology, no speaker ready rooms will be scheduled. You may bring your own laptop for practice in your room.
  • Must I put my PowerPoint presentation on a flash flash/thumb/USB drive? 
    Yes, in the unlikely event that a file upload error does occur during the online PowerPoint file upload process, this is the only acceptable format for presentation transfers during the file reconciliation session. All residents and fellows should bring a back-up copy of their presentation on a USB drive however it may only be used in the event of native file corruption.

Family & Guests

  • Can my family come along with me to WSC?
    While family and guests are most welcome to join you in San Diego, they are not permitted to attend programming and/or receptions or participate in meals unless they are a registered attendee.