Moderator Assignments Now Available!

All preceptors are expected to serve as room moderators during one morning or afternoon session. Multiple preceptors will be assigned to a specific room and may decide in advance how they would like to divide their responsibilities in order to attend their own residents' presentations.

Contact information for co-moderators is available to allow advance communication and scheduling.

Moderator check-in opens at 7:30 am for morning sessions and 12:30 pm for afternoon sessions.

2019 Moderator Assignments

AV & Moderator Support Guidelines

Please check-in and head to the assigned room at least 10 minutes prior to the first presentation.

Moderator FAQs

  1. What are moderators expected to do during their assignments?
    Moderators are expected to close the door between presentations, introduce each speaker, provide the secret code to attendees, start each PowerPoint and assist in evaluation distribution and collection. It is very easy and instructions will be provided during orientation.

  2. Why are all preceptors required to serve as moderators?
    To maintain equality among programs of different sizes and keep costs down at Western States, every preceptor is asked to serve as a moderator during one morning or afternoon.

  3. What if one of my residents is presenting during my scheduled moderating assignment?
    Multiple people are assigned to each time block to allow flexibility. Please contact your co-moderators either prior to Western States or onsite (via email) to work out scheduling conflicts.

  4. What if I have additional questions?
    Please contact with any additional questions regarding moderator assignments.